Viper Tee's unique "V" shape design offers a clear path for the golf ball down the target line.

Viper Tee has an extremely small surface area. The contact between the tee and the golf ball is limited to four small "teeth" to allow the ball to rest on a cushion of air.

Launch monitor testing showed Viper Tee adds up to 3.6 yards of total distance and 4.1 yards of accuracy over conventional golf tee's.

Viper Tee was used on the PGA tour the very first week it was released.

Biodegradable — Viper Tee is manufactured using a biodegradable additive which is completely organic, non-starch based, and non-destructive to the environment. Viper Tee is committed to producing an environmentally-conscious product.

Durability—Viper Tee is far more durable than conventional wooden golf tees. Many players have reported using a single Viper Tee for multiple rounds. Rather than broken wooden tees littering the course, Viper Tee will allow golf courses to keep the tee box looking pristine.

Conforms to USGA and R&A rules of golf.

Patent Pending

Made in U.S.A.


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